About Us

As one of Maryland’s leading Outpatient Mental Health Clinics (OMHCs), Maryland Wellness is committed to providing individualized mental health care and life skills support to strengthen clients, families and communities. We help adults and minors, including those who are at-risk and under-served, achieve their full potential through our Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)/case management, therapy, psychiatry and addictions counseling services. We assist our clients in progressing along their mental health journeys while supporting them in finding resources and managing day-to-day needs like housing, employment, transportation, clothing and food security, GEDs and education, family support, expungement and more.

We employ a person-centered approach within our clinical practices. Our clients are not their diagnoses and deserve the utmost respect as they bravely cope with their mental health conditions. We respect our clients’ rights to choose and be active members of their treatment teams.

Maryland Wellness is a safe space for all. No judgments, come as you are. We are here to help because you matter to us!

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Our History

Originally founded in 2013 as Baltimore Area Community Health Services (BACHS Healthcare), the agency was developed to meet an unmet need for critical mental health services in Baltimore City. Nearly 20% of the city’s residents are affected by behavioral health conditions, due in large part to a disproportionate exposure to trauma.

The agency has continued to grow to encompass organizations including Alek’s House in Lanham and Aspen Wellness Center in Cumberland, in order to provide increased services and resources. We officially transitioned to Maryland Wellness in mid-2021 to reflect our ability to serve individuals across the state via offices in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region, Western Maryland (including Frederick, Hagerstown, Cumberland and Oakland), Southern Maryland and the Capital Region. We can also serve every resident in the state via telehealth. For those who are on Medicaid, we can work with our partners to provide extra support and resources in acquiring the technology and internet accessibility needed for telehealth, often for almost no out-of-pocket cost.

Our agency has consistently been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), an independent, nonprofit accreditor in various areas including behavioral health. It confirms that our clinicians provide clients with care that meets internationally accepted standards and reinforces that we meet an integrated and individualized approach to services, quality and outcomes.

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Our Promises to You – Our Values

We are kind and affirming toward all of our clients, regardless of race, religion, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic class or other designation. We provide clients and partners with immediate support via phone or a simple online form. 

We will not discharge clients after missed appointments. If a client does not show up for an appointment, it’s an indication they need us more than ever, and we will do everything we can to re-engage them.

Our clients are not their diagnoses and deserve full respect along all their mental health journey.

Our teams are in full partnership with our clients, care teams, PCPs, dentists and partners. We also collaborate with community organizations, hospitals, mental health agencies, resource providers, nonprofits, therapists and family members to help each client get the support they need.

We work together openly to set goals and expected outcomes. Our clients are part of all decisions.

We are always looking for new ways to meet our clients’ needs! In Baltimore City alone, we distributed more than 5,000 bus passes in 2022 to our clients to ensure they could get to their jobs and other critical points of service.

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Let us know that you are interested in services by calling, emailing or completing our form.


Our compassionate and professional staff will work with you to ensure you are contacted within 48 hours to set up your first appointment.


Start reaching your mental health and life goals with the help of your Maryland Wellness team. We can meet with you in our offices, via telehealth or in your home or community. We look forward to supporting you!

“I do nothing but give praise to this establishment. My first time there, I was very nervous, but that quickly changed once I was greeted by the amazing staff in the front office. I can never leave that place with a frown on my face. I would recommend this facility to anybody in need of mental and drug counseling. They are the best I have ever experienced, and that is no lie.”
– D.J., Baltimore
“It is a very good program, and the staff are nice and very helpful… they have helped me branch out of my comfort zone. They are always there when I need help or even just a quick check in. Thanks for helping me find my true self and helping me along my journey.”
– X.F., Baltimore
“When I first started, I was afraid to talk but once they started telling me about this program, I started to open up more. They taught me that I am important; it’s about me today. They have taught me to forget about the past and focus on my goals – my GED,  nursing, helping the homeless, volunteering, etc. This is the most amazing, awesome program in Baltimore, and that’s from my heart. The staff is wonderful, amazing, beautiful, unique and have hearts of gold.”
– K.S., Baltimore
“When I came here, I was broken. But I got the help that I needed, and I got the services that were good for me. I will be starting a brand new job! I’m so glad this place was recommended to me, and I’m so glad I came.”
– V.H., Baltimore

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