PRP/Case Management

Maryland Wellness’ Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)/case management services are focused on helping individuals deal with life challenges, while they are also working towards their mental health goals. We offer individualized and flexible case management for adults and minors to help overcome each person’s unique obstacles. We conduct regular in-home or community-based client visits to provide counseling, coaching and skills training.

Our PRP counselors/case managers have experience in person-centered planning, and help clients meet their immediate needs, as well as plan for longer term goals. They assist in creating and maintaining individual growth and rehabilitation plans for each client and stay with their clients for continuity of care as long as they remain a part of the Maryland Wellness program. They also create collaborative teams that could include the client, therapist, referring partner, primary care physician/pediatrician, dentist, etc.

As part of our PRP program, Maryland Wellness locates and provides access to vital wrap-around services based on each client’s needs. They also teach clients how to manage and overcome barriers so they do not disrupt their mental health journey. These could include and are not limited to:

  • Housing
  • Community services like food, hygiene and clothing pantries
  • GEDs and academic support
  • Job support, including sourcing opportunities, training, resume writing and jobs counseling
  • Primary medical and dental care
  • Social security benefits
  • Valid identification
  • Access to long-term transportation solutions
  • Phones
  • Mobile pharmacy services
  • Expungement services
  • Volunteer legal support
  • Family mediation and reunification
  • Social support

PRP counselors will meet with adults up to six times per month and minors four times per month, providing hands-on assistance designed to help clients to achieve stability and independence. There is no cost to eligible Medicaid clients who qualify with specific mental, emotional and/or behavioral health diagnoses.


“Coming out of prison, my rehabilitation counselor helped me find a job and referred me to an OUTSTANDING Therapist that helped me understand my emotions. I would definitely recommend Maryland Wellness to anyone!!!”
– A.J., Waldorf
“Maryland Wellness is great!!! The staff really helped me and my daughter get settled into our new home and school. I’m a single mother and I struggled with transportation and housing. With the help of my counselor, I was able to get to my destinations and became stress free about my housing!”
– T.D., Waldorf
“It is a very good program, and the staff are nice and very helpful… they have helped me branch out of my comfort zone. They are always there when I need help or even just a quick check in. Thanks for helping me find my true self and helping me along my journey.”
– X.F., Baltimore
“Maryland Wellness is very professional and knowledgeable. They were there when I needed help for my father. They set him up with a therapist and medication management immediately. Now he is stabilized and doing better.”
– Anonymous, Waldorf

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